There are dreams that come true! We promised ourselves that we would make a program for older kids. A camp that would be a success.

Kitesurfing on the beach of Lances at the beginning of July is just incredible. We are all alone, the wind is with us and the nature of the natural park is just savage. The beach and the countryside join together, creating amazing smells.

All sorts of fun fauna. Cows, seagles, children and wind.

All of us go on an adventure together children and staff. A camp is all about improvisation, being ready, valuing, experimenting and enjoying each day in the creation of something, which stays with you in time a emotional journey.

Here the kids have a full experience and live in military tents. They cook there own food maybe some spaghetti bolognese for example, and get involved in all sorts of activities.

I invite you to check out the pictures.


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