Sapa experience

For years Layos Camp has been looking for a social project. In 2013, after a trip to Vietnam, the idea began to develop. During these three years we have established a great friendship with the Hmong community in Hau-Thao village in the SAPA valley. A scrupulous fieldwork during quarterly stays living in different families has made the project possible.
The Hmong ethnic group is the largest minority group in the Sapa Valley. Their way of life revolves around the cultivation of terraced rice (terraced terraces in the mountains); they also make cloth from hemp; and they teach the region to the foreigner guiding him through beautiful paths of the environment to finally lodge visitors in their villages, making them participants in their way of life.
Contributing to the formation of young people, through a solidary vacation is an attractive formula that motivates them enough to leave habits, customs and friends for a few days. The predisposition to collaborate in a development project and the knowledge acquired by traveling as a group and overcoming the difficulties that may arise, will make them acquire logistics tools, security protocols and coexistence. Thus, the trip will have fulfilled our objective amply. Young people who are enthusiastic about the experience and, above all, humanly enriched.


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