A family company dedicated to the world of children and youth since 1985.

We distinguish ourselves by a familiar, close and direct treatment. We do not have intermediaries, nor agencies that represent us. We want to hear directly from the family or from the school that hires our service. If we had to point out any difference with the competition, it would be that our counsellors are trained in our official CIT program which allow us to choose among the best. In some programs we have 1 monitor for every 4 students. The most important thing for us is the safety and well-being of our campers.


Castillo de Layos was founded in 1985 on a family farm. Our initial program was a summer course in which sport, nature and English were combined. Its location was in the family house, nothing more and nothing less than a castle which invited children to dream, being the base of our programs for three summers. Hence the name of the center. The rise of outdoor activities, school trips in search of direct knowledge of the rural world and nature was seen as an attractive future to face a business adventure in the field of leisure and education.

The 4th year we decided to abandon our wonderful 15th century dwelling to rehabilitate the adjoining work houses, with a modern work, adapted to our activity, tailored to our needs.

Our clients are mainly individuals who find in Layos a trust center with a lot of experience in which the students are the most important. Those who were once students, today send us their children with the certainty that we will do an honest job and at the height of the most demanding. We also collaborate with schools, which during the school year find in our center a safe place to reward students with sports, adventure and innovative intensive team building courses.


Fellowship - Struggle to excel - Respect - Teamwork


After 30 years of educating and entertaining, we continue to develop programs that adapt to our philosophy. The prominence of sport in most of its programs makes our philosophy revolve around sporting spirit and its values

letter to parents

Castillo de Layos is a family business to which we dedicate all our time. It was founded in 1985, encouraged by childhood memories of American camps. We think it is the ideal model for any child to have a happy experience on their first outing. We embarked on a business adventure that today brings together children and young people from around the world.

Life in the camp is a golden opportunity for the integral development of the little ones, since they begin to be self-sufficient in elementary things like dressing, eating, getting up, being organized and clean ... They do it together with children in their same circumstances, getting with no effort an autonomy and discipline that would amaze many adults.

If we add to these little things the initiation to a sport, the contact with nature, the adventure of doing new things, the ability to live with simplicity, generosity, and coexistence we get children to go home "bigger" and more aware of its possibilities Today, more than ever, we believe in the effectiveness of our work, we see it every day through former campers from LayosCamp, turning the center into a project worth working and living for.


A familiar, close and direct treatment

  • Carchin Oriol Icaza

    Founder and Director

    Castillo de Layos from 1985

  • Curro de Gregorio Oriol

    Administration and management

    Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing

  • Asis de Gregorio Diego

    Founder and Director

    Castillo de Layos from 1985

  • Carchin de Gregorio Oriol

    Founder and Director

    Bachelor in BBA, Hospitality - Finance

  • Pelayo de Gregorio Oriol

    International Department & Financial Services

    Degree in Bachelor of Business- Major in Financial services.

  • Alejandra Villen Bringas

    Advertising and marketing

    Graduate in Tourism and Digital Marketing

  • Alberto Sanz Ruano

    Camp Coordinator

    Degree in Directorate of Youth Activities

  • Jaime Machado Loeches

    Camp Coordinator

    Diploma in Physical Education, and Child Psychomotorist

  • Suso Juanas Naharro

    Camp Coordinator

    Professor of Basic General Education, speech therapist and university expert in cooperative learning.